Canada’s Entrepreneurial Scene 2022 (My View)

Me, Daniel Kebbe have tried to describe the enterprenaurship scenario in canada in 2022. All views are solely mine. Entrepreneurialism is a significant motivator that propels economic progress, productivity, and job creation. Country with high associated with entrepreneurial activity have a higher economic growth rate. Entrepreneurs have had a massive effect on Canada’s history, and… Continue reading Canada’s Entrepreneurial Scene 2022 (My View)

Social Entrepreneurship Ideas By Daniel Kebbe

Social Entrepreneurship Ideas In the previous article we looked at the social business ideas of budding entrepreneurs. In this we will discuss social entrepreneurship and give examples of companies, organisations and people who embody it. This article proposes to activate a discussion about how to use the knowledge and skills of social entrepreneur (JV) in… Continue reading Social Entrepreneurship Ideas By Daniel Kebbe

About Me – Daniel Kebbe

So lets get started to know more about me , Daniel Kebbe In A Snapshot: A solopreneur, Co-Founder/COO of a non profit company based in toronto Canada. A Good husband, Dad. Super interested in #fintech. Currently also working as University of Toronto, Communication Culture and Information Technology, Faculty Member  – Daniel Kebbe on Daniel… Continue reading About Me – Daniel Kebbe

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