About Me – Daniel Kebbe

daniel kebbe toronto

So lets get started to know more about me , Daniel Kebbe

In A Snapshot:

A solopreneur, Co-Founder/COO of a non profit company based in toronto Canada. A Good husband, Dad. Super interested in #fintech.

Currently also working as

University of Toronto, Communication Culture and Information Technology, Faculty Member  – Daniel Kebbe on Academia.edu

Daniel Kebbe’s Advice for New Entrepreneurs in Canada:

Hi….This is Daniel Keebe.

Start something with full passion and keep your focus on the end goal. Dont do it if that spark is missing inside you or you are not into something by heart, fully.You must have the reason to do what you are doing. Leave aside financial gains and focus on the wider picture. At the end of day do something that is meaningful


Main Interests

  • Insurance Community Canada
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  • Insurance & Technology Sales Professionals
  • Insurance Business Analyst and Domain Expertise
  • Marketing automation